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K W.

For the average person, buying a house is an emotional roller coaster. There’s the excitement of looking for a place, being approved for a loan and having your offer being accepted. The low of realizing what you want and can afford are on different levels, problems that come up in the loan process or home inspection and your offer not being accepted. Last, the anxiety of waiting for your offer to be accepted or multiple offers on a place you really want. You need an agent to help you navigate these waters. Chris Luna was that agent for us. He was fabulous to work with. He knows the market and isn’t afraid of challenges that you may face, be it your price range or loan type. He will educate, guide and reassure you when you need it and bring you back down to reality when you’re making compromises because you’re tired of looking. He is caring, informative, patient, flexible and great with kids. I have to note that especially because while viewing houses, our 2.5 yr. old kept trying ditch us to show him stuff and hold his hand. He was gracious about it and gave her that attention while noticing and pointing out little issues that could be a problem if we were to move forward on it.Full experience: This wasn’t exactly our first home purchase. The first time we didn’t understand what we were getting into and got in way over our heads and ultimately had to short sale. I was upfront with him about this so he knew I was apprehensive about buying a place in the bay area again, but we needed our own place (couple living with parents and a 2.5 yr. old) and rent was pretty much the same payment. We met and talked about our wants and needs. He was upfront about the challenges we might face in our price range and the type of loan we were using but he was encouraging. He was ready to take on that challenge. Once he gave us a list of properties to check out things got exciting, but just as fast, they also got a little disappointing. After mapping out some of the properties and getting a feel for the area, I started to lose that excitement seeing what our price point could afford and where we would be. Chris was a little bit of a therapist about this and helped us narrow down our must haves and what we could compromise on. He thought it best to get us out there and physically visiting homes to really get a feel for the properties and neighborhood. As we would view each house, he would point out things that could be a problem for our loan approval (unpermitted additions), things that may become a bigger issue (previous water damage), and things that weren’t even on our radar (wood trim that had dry rot). Getting out there worked, the excitement was up again. Now we started compromising too much. “This area has better schools... How about a condo instead? Do we need that much space? O wait, I don’t want to go outside to get to the garage to do laundry. Maybe we can do 1.5 baths…or even 1 bath. We can add-on a bath later?” These are all the thoughts that had entered my mind at some point. One condo we almost made an offer on, he had me thinking about space and the neighbors. The neighbors in the complex were older and established. He had to keep reminding me that I have an active 2.5 yrs. old. Kids need space. “We will find you a house, be patient” are the words he kept telling me. These are things those articles don’t tell you. These are things that an agent keeps in mind and mentions. We finally got lucky. The paperwork gets overwhelming and Chris was great at explaining everything in layman terms and keeping us informed of the process and timeline. He guided us thru some counter offers and once our offer was finally accepted, he setup and managed all our inspections. He was there for each inspection, even when we couldn’t make it.Thanks to Chris we didn’t compromise. We were able to find a home that met all of our wants and needs, one that if for some reason the housing market busts again and we ended up upside down, it won’t matter because we are already comfy in our home.

Aimee R.

Sorry this review is long overdue, but I finally had time to write it. We met Chris through a friend and from the very first day he was very professional and patient because we brought our one year old with us. As soon as we met Chris we knew he was a cool guy! For the get go, he was very organized because Chris gave us a folder packet with all the tips, advice, do’s and don’ts on what we needed to do before looking for the perfect home. We were in search for a 2 bedroom condo back in 2015! Chris gave us so many listings (10-20) and each time we had to narrow it down to our top favorite 5 listings. We would go from Fremont, Union City, Pleasanton, Dublin, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, San Ramon. Chris would contact each agent, set up an appointment for about 3-5 listings in one weekend day. Chris is definitely organized and knows how to manage his time efficiently! After looking for a few months, we finally found a condo that we really liked so we placed an offer and it was accepted! We did all the paperwork and inspections, etc. After getting the inspection, issues came up and all of a sudden something didn’t feel right in our guts, so we had to call Chris and tell him we needed to back out. We felt awful that we had to tell Chris the news. But we needed to feel more secure and needed to be absolutely in love with this condo. Chris was so understanding with our decision and said ok I will call the seller and let them know. We decided to put everything on hold and a couple months later my husband got laid off. Backing out from the condo was definitely a blessing in disguise. Months passed and Chris would touch base with us to see how we were doing. We told him that we can’t start looking until my husband found a job. Chris understood but never gave up on us! A year has passed by and Chris would still contact us and see if we were ready to start home shopping again. My husband got a job but we still weren’t ready. But Chris said “No problem, I’m here when you’re ready. Don’t forget me!” It’s now 2017 and we finally decided to start house hunting again. After much contemplating we decided to look into Brentwood this time. Instead of that 2 bedroom condo in the Bay Area, we wanted a bigger home since we have 2 toddler boys. Deciding to get out of the Bay Area was a big decision that we kept going back and forth on. Chris contacted us out of the blue and we said we are ready to start looking again, but this time in Brentwood. Chris got on in and sent us so many listings and all the homes were beautiful! We had a long list to look through and narrowed it down to our favorites. Long story short, we finally found our dream home and we did it with Chris! If you’re looking for an agent, Chris is your man. He is very professional, organized and patient! It’s our first time buying a home and he answered all of our questions. I don’t know any other agent who would wait this long for their clients. He is so thoughtful too, thank you for the personalized doormat and wonderful bottle of wine! Thank you Chris for not giving up on us and for helping us find out dream home!

Nicole R.

Chris was everything we were hoping for in a realtor. From the first time speaking on the phone to meeting in person, we knew he was the right person to help my husband and I find and purchase our first home. Chris began by gaining a sense of what type of home we were interested, what our must haves and must not haves were and why they were important to us. When we first set out to look at a couple of homes, Chris was great at pointing out details to pay attention too; some that might need fixing down the road, others that might need fixing right away and average cost. He even steered us away from one home that didn't meet his expectations. When we found the home we would end up purchasing, Chris was the one to point out how many items on our list that house met; including the price. Once we made our offer, Chris worked diligently to make sure everything went as smooth as possible and that we stayed informed along the entire process. He flawlessly answered my never ending questions and concerns and did so without ever breaking a sweat or losing that charming smile. He encouraged us to bring our family members over for them to get a feel for the house. He even answered all of their questions and concerns. When it came to completing our final walk through, Chris made sure all of the agreed upon corrections met our expectations and that we were completely satisfied. He was kind enough to send us pictures and video of the corrections because my husband and I couldn't make it out in time. Chris was professional, kind and honest. We felt at ease the entire time due to his mannerisms. Having heard so many peoples horror stories of their first home buying process, we are proud to say Chris kept his word and made this experience one to always remember. Thank you Chris for all that you have done for us and helping us to make our dream of being homeowners a reality. We would hands down recommendations Chris for anyone looking to purchase a home.

Marichelle S.

My first real estate transaction with Chris was purchasing a short sale house. Everything went much more smoothly and swiftly than I had expected. He managed to get my offer accepted in spite of it not being the highest bid. One of the things that Chris reassured me was that he was going to stick with me from start to end, no matter what challenges we had to face. Now, four years later, we had outgrown that home. An opportunity came up for us to try and purchase a bigger house in the same neighborhood. I had no idea if it was even possible since the sellers had a deadline to move, and for us to purchase that house meant selling our home at the same time. There was no doubt that I was going to call upon Chris again for the job. Selling and purchasing simultaneously had its challenges. We encountered numerous problems regarding buyers backing out, timeline issues, vendor problems, etc. You name it, we had it. Chris never once lost his patience and composure. He always reassured me that we were going to get this done. He went above and beyond to make sure we were getting the best deal for our house. He makes you feel like you are his only client, answering endless questions right away and assuaging any concerns you have. He always looked out for our best interests. Somehow, after a lot of stress and back and forth with several buyers, we managed to make the timeline and purchased the house we really wanted. We were able to close the sale of our home and the purchase of our new home on the same day. What I can say about Chris is that he will stick with you for better or worse. Having witnessed how he works through both smooth and challenging transactions, I would certainly recommend him to anyone.

Didith & Rae G.

We decided to sell our home of 15 years to move to a better school district for our children. We've seen how successful Chris was in the real estate business through mutual friends so it only seems fitting that we approach him about selling our home and finding a new one in the school district we wanted. He was very patient & professional and took the time to explain the expectations we were about to go through. He acknowledged the emotional ties we had with our home and moved with caution. He shared his knowledge and expertise which helped us make some hard decisions and move forward. He made himself available whenever anxiety kicked in and answered all our questions & concerns. We followed the helpful tips he gave us for staging our home which ultimately resulted in multiple offers on our home! We found our new home soon after we accepted an offer on our old home. The process went pretty seamless. Chris sent us recommended vendors to process our home, roof, and pest inspections. It was nice to see he supported a lot of local vendors. We ended up closing on both homes on the same day which I've been told was almost impossible because of all the moving dates that could happen. The stars were aligned for us, and as Chris says, if it's meant to be, it will be. If you want an experienced realtor who does right by his clients, Chris is your guy! He works hard for this clients and follows through on all his commitments, even after closing! As stressful as it is to sell/buy a home at the same time, Chris made it such a positive experience for us. We highly recommend him. You're a rockstar, Chris!My family and I thank you and appreciate all your help!

Danny & Cici P.

My wife and I worked with three different realtors in our home search, and Chris Luna was by far the best. He was professional, punctual, and went above and beyond to help us find our home. When we first began looking at houses, Chris was very attentive and listened to our wants in a house. He was realistic with us, which helped narrow down our search to only look at houses that met our wants. This made the process more enjoyable since we didn’t have to look at 4+ houses every weekend like we did with the other realtors. We told Chris we were also on a time crunch since we were expecting our son in less than six months and wanted to be settled in our new home before he was born. Chris was proactive the whole time. Within two months, we found a home in the neighborhood we wanted and within our budget. We were excited about the home, so Chris met us right away to see it. After seeing it, we knew we wanted to make an offer. Chris counseled us to make an offer as soon as possible before their open house to let the seller know we were very interested. We also helped us decide on a competitive offer within our budget and under the asking price. After a few days of negotiating, our offer was accepted! During escrow, Chris helped each step of the way and helped make all the inspections, paperwork, and deadlines a breeze. We closed escrow in exactly 30 days and moved into our new home months before our son was born. Chris even came back early from a trip to bring us the keys to our new home! When we are ready to buy or sell a home, we will definitely be using Chris again and recommend you do too!

Rose B.

This is an overdue review for this great realtor (who also happens to be a long time friend of my husband), Chris Luna. Back in 2013, Chris helped us purchase our very first home. During that time, many first time buyers like us, were getting outbid by cash buyers, and although we were getting disheartened, Chris never gave up and helped us find the right home for us. Fast forward to this year, we had to sell the home that we bought in '13 quickly, to move into a more comfortable home. It was a roller coaster of emotions, especially for me, because we made many memories in that home. Chris worked tirelessly day and night, to get our home quickly in the market and before we knew it, we got an offer and the home sold rather fast. So fast, that there was a home in the same neighborhood, that went in the market before us, which is still for sale to this day. We couldn't be more happy and relieved that we didn't have to be in the same position as them. Thanks to Chris who published the listing and marketed it non-stop so we wouldn't have to worry about paying a mortgage and a lease in our new home for a few months. Chris, thank you for working with us once again and when the time comes that we are ready to buy another home, we will not hesitate or think twice to reach out to you again!!! Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!

Lily D.

I'm not sure we could've had an easier experience buying our first home. With a baby on the way, we decided that we needed to move into a bigger space that we can call "home." Although we weren't convinced that buying a house at this time was the "right" move, we kept our options open and inquired numerous times about houses with Chris, and numerous months went by without us giving him a commitment to move forward with the process. We as buyers would go back and forth about whether the time is right... and throughout those months of deliberating, Chris would send us a text or email just checking in about where we stand in our pursuit of a home. Some say "persistence is key," well Chris not only displays that in his efforts to get new clients, but long after you're settled in your new home, Chris is still checking in to let you know that he cares. I could go on and on about how Chris' work is superior to others, but the truth is that we are thankful to have gone through this experience with such a genuine person who advocates for his clients. He gives the buyer great perspective and also throws in a little humor to make the journey even easier. Make the right choice and give Chris a call so that he can find you the home you've been dreaming of.

Marvin R.

How do you choose the right real estate agent when the business is saturated with them? Well, I can tell you that you will have chosen wisely if you pickChris Luna to represent you in your real estate needs.He represented me in the purchase of my new home and I was highly satisfied with his service and expertise. He attentively listens to your concerns and creates an action plan for your personal needs and has extensive experience in the business which is important in having the right connections to get things done accurately and quickly. He is a great communicator who will negotiate the best outcome on your behalf instead of “out to make a quick buck.'' It is so important to have someone you can trust in such an important investment and you quickly realize that Chris Luna is that person! He is that patient voice of reason and serenity during the tumultuous buying/selling process who will many times help you look at the “bigger picture”. Chris is readily available and encourages you to call him with any questions that you may have about the process. He will also be along your side every step of the way from selecting your real estate goals, to home inspection, to signing, to final delivery of your keys!! But I think most importantly, Chris loves the real estate business and he loves helping people. Let him help you, you will not be disappointed!!

Doug & Sisi W.

Chris came highly recommended to us by a couple friends who have gone through the home sale/purchase experience with him already. Chris helped us sell a condo in San Ramon that had been a rental property for the last 12 years. He was very familiar with the local market. When our condo was listed, two other condos on the same street went up for sale with our condo being the most outdated one since no upgrades had been done being that it was a rental property. Chris knew exactly what needed to be done in order to not be the last condo still up for sale with the tough competition. He was quick to get all the marketing done to advertise the sale, get feedback from those who have seen the condo to see what they felt was missing, etc. With his feedback and advice, our condo was the first one to sell. All three condos went up for sale in the same week in May, and one of them is still for sale today (mid-August). We are certainly glad that we are not that one. I have bought and purchased severals homes, and Chris is definitely one of the top agents that I have dealt with. We are now in the process of having Chris help us buy our new home.

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