3 Things to Know Before Moving to Walnut Creek

Located only miles from Oakland, Walnut Creek is a nature lover’s heaven

With open spaces, affordable housing, the perfect location, and a wide array of activities and restaurants, Walnut Creek might just be the place for your next home. We’ve put together a list of three important things to know before moving to Walnut Creek. 

Ideal Location 

Walnut Creek is nestled to the east of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. Residents enjoy quick and easy access to the whole East Bay region via the 1-680, SR-24, and the Bay Area Rapid Transit System. Located only 16 miles from Oakland, this town perfectly combines a suburban and urban lifestyle. Walnut Creek is envied for its sprawling parks, diverse wildlife, warm climate, and a plethora of restaurants and activities. With a population of around 70,000 people, Walnut Creek has the feel of a cozy community. Residents enjoy the warm summer climate that comes from living in a town located in the interior of California’s valleys. 

Open Spaces 

Walnut Creek has over 16 parks spread over 3,700 acres. Not only that, it also ranks number one in the amount of open space per capita—beating out any other community in the entire state. It’s the home of rolling green hills, hiking trails, and scenic vistas. Some of Walnut Creek’s most popular parks include Larkey Park, Alma Park, and Tice Valley Park. The abundance of parks and open spaces makes this a coveted place for raising children, retiring, or for individuals who simply want to soak in the wonderful outdoors. The Lindsay Wildlife Experience seeks to connect people to wildlife and is beloved by locals and residents.


Once a sleepy community founded in 1862, Walnut Creek is now a bustling and vibrant town. Its distinct and diverse neighborhoods showcase a plethora of historic properties, honoring the history and age of the town. The downtown area has 100-year-old buildings and is the bustling hub of the city with restaurants, shopping, coffee shops, and entertainment venues. 

Shopping downtown ranges from classy boutiques to popular clothing stores. Be sure to check out Swan’s Fine Books—the perfect place for book lovers. This local bookstore has vintage, collectible, and rare books on a variety of subjects. 

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